Automates and Streamlines Order Processing and Fulfillment

The result, improved sales visibility, improved customer relations, and efficient order processing with a minimum of delays and back-orders.


Automated Order Retrieval

OrderLogix uses two common formats, Real-time API and Batch Import, to retrieve order data with your shopping carts, call centers, IVR providers and others. Our advanced set of controls allow you to schedule and securely automate retrieval of order files from remote sites and load the data, validating the data according to their campaign preferences for payment, address, pricing, inventory SKUs, shipping and many other specifications that are administrated by you in workflows we call Scripts.

Payment Processing

As your company grows, so does the complexities. Our powerful and easy to use controls will keep your products and campaigns segmented to their respective payment accounts, charge payments as they mature, and adjust plans to fit your customer’s lifestyle. OrderLogix works with dozens of merchant banking platforms, and provides sophisticated controls for subscription and multi-pay programs, so you can automate tasks for maximum efficiency.


With our complete set of inventory management and purchasing tools, you can improve supply chain management and control deliveries to your customers. As orders are processed for payment, available stock is allocated for un-shipped orders and inventory deductions are automated as orders are readied for fulfillment. Accurate costs are accounted for as products are purchased and sold with detailed reports and KPIs to track keys statistic for costs, locations, purchases and supplier performance.


Do it yourself, outsource or any combination of shipping resources are at your disposal to ensure your packages are in customers hands in the most efficient and cost effective manner for you. Sort and print packing and shipping labels that include barcodes for easy processing by your warehouse or other carriers. Process shipments directly with major carriers like UPS, USPS, FEDEX, DHL, CANPost and others. Outsource some or all to 3rd party fulfillment providers with seamless integrations that communicate shipping data and tracking information.