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OrderMetrix: Customized Views of Your Performance Dashboards

Within any given organization, every manager has different needs when it comes to information.

A CFO, for example, is focused mainly on a company’s financials. A call center manager is interested in other metrics, like agent performance, that likely aren’t even on the radar of the CFO. Then there’s the warehouse manager who is only [...]

Selecting the Right OMS Should Be at the Top of Your Needs List

It’s not uncommon for decision makers to say that they are not quite sure about order management solution options and just aren’t ready to incorporate one into their business model. But from automating business processes to providing high quality customer service and everything in between, there’s an array of benefits that come along with [...]

Call Center Performance Tools that Complement Your Order Management System

Your ACD telephony service provider can provide great value in reporting pre-sale analytics and general call traffic statistics. What happens next is equally valuable to understand.  When it comes to businesses that rely on call centers to close sales, the more data at hand, the better position decision makers are in to ensure an [...]

How Strong Order Management Tools Improve Fulfillment Accuracy

Marketers spend a lot of money on fulfillment. They need to make sure the right products are sent to the right people at the right price. They need to make sure that up-sells and cross-sells are correct.

If you ship the wrong product, it’s going to cost you in the form of customer service calls, [...]

Supreme Court Tacitly OKs New York’s ‘Amazon Law’

It remains to be seen whether states can force businesses to collect taxes from sales generated online, but if the Supreme Court of the United States’ recent rejection of an appeal by Amazon.com and Overstock.com is any indication, we might be inching in that direction.

While the conversation surrounding the Marketplace Fairness Act is heating [...]

The Advantages of Cloud Computing and Order Processing Software

With decision makers increasingly realizing the wide array of benefits the technology affords, the cloud computing industry is experiencing rapid growth. Recent research indicates the industry will balloon to $150 billion in 2014, up more than 300 percent from $46 billion in 2008. What’s more, nearly 40 percent of the customer relationship management systems [...]

Five Ways Order Management Software Can Save Your Business Time & Money

In today’s difficult economic climate, businesses across all industries are charged with the task of doing more with less. Forward-thinking business owners understand that in order to get ahead and maintain long-term financial vitality, expenses must be reduced as much as possible and business processes must be optimized.

Luckily for marketers in the direct response [...]

PCI SSC Releases New Compliance Guidelines

Earlier this month, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council (SSC) released its new compliance guidelines, a task it is charged with completing once every three years. The new guidelines—version 3.0 of the PCI Data Security Standard and Payment Application Data Security Standard—go into effect on Jan. 1, 2014. Current guidelines are set [...]

Having Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Business 24/7

As a business owner, you are pulled in millions of different directions each day. It’s not too often you’re able to monitor the status of your day-to-day business operations and of your current campaigns from the comfort of your office desk.

Most of the time, you’re absorbed in other mission-critical tasks. Maybe you’re out of [...]

Strong Inventory Management: Staying in Compliance with Payment Processing

Best-in-class order management is of major importance to decision makers who wish to continue growing their businesses by offering superior products and customer service. These days, orders can come in from a number of different channels such as call centers, mail order, websites, IVRs and more. Because it’s more important than ever to stay [...]