Fulfillment ProvidersWith the tools from OrderLogix, you’ll go from being a vendor to a true partner, with increased services like payment processing, email notifications, and customer service capabilities just to name a few.

OrderLogix is a multi-client order management system, which means you can set up each of your fulfillment clients separately within one system.  We allow client restricted access, so you can offer your fulfillment clients dashboards and reports limited to just their campaigns and orders.

Our customer service detail screens allow your CSRs to quickly and effectively handle nearly every customer scenario successfully, and with our ‘save a sale’ tools, your clients will really appreciate your added value. Our solution also includes enhanced inventory functionality and is designed to interface with your warehouse management system to further automate your operations.

Why limit your services to Pick, Pack & Ship when we can provide you the opportunity to offer your clients so much more. Let us help fuel your growth to that next level.