Within any given organization, every manager has different needs when it comes to information.

A CFO, for example, is focused mainly on a company’s financials. A call center manager is interested in other metrics, like agent performance, that likely aren’t even on the radar of the CFO. Then there’s the warehouse manager who is only concerned with inventory counts and product availability.

Having access to comprehensive data is a great thing, but how effective can a manager be if he or she can’t quickly view a comparative snapshot to indicate if recent changes are driving the proper corrections in performance? They may not be very effective at all.

This is why OrderLogix engineered OrderMetrix, a product that gives managers the ability to produce customized views of selected data on dashboards. The tool allows managers to easily identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and top performance indicators (TPIs) in order to better analyze performance and improve business functions.

In the world of direct response marketing, for example, a lot of information is generated by each campaign. The problem is that a majority of that data is presented across a variety of different reports. OrderMetrix enables stakeholders to see dashboard views of the metrics that are important to their areas of responsibility and/or interest.

Instantly know how a campaign is performing this week over last week, or this month compared to last month based on relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Illustrative gages and graphs present easy to understand visuals that can be customized per user. Another feature of OrderMetrix is the ability to report on TPIs (Top Performing Indicators). This view can be set to display the top 5 products sold, the top 5 selling sources, the top 5 agents, the top 5 selling offers, etc.

Such a campaign produces a volume of data. But how easily can that data consumed?

OrderMetrix was created specifically to address this issue. Users set up the metrics that are important for them to monitor and follow and OrderMetrix serves up the dashboard views that are easily consumable for them.

In the world of marketing, the accuracy and reliability of data is critical to success. And marketers need tools that will help them effectively analyze the volume of information that is generated each day. Whereas those who are stuck in the past spend hours wading through individual reports, forward-thinking marketers make use of industry-leading systems that consolidate data, equipping them with the information they need to make decisions quickly to increase revenue.

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