Order Management technology complies with PCI Level I Service Provider standards for transaction and cardholder data security. Additionally, sensitive data, including credit cards and passwords, are masked and encrypted to protect them from hacking attempts.

For security within your business, OrderLogix uses a roles- and permissions-based system that ensures only authorized employees have access to menus and functionality. Modifications to existing orders are logged with user identification, date and time stamp, and reason codes with comments, all of which can appear in your reports for later analysis.


Why Cloud computing over the Traditional client/server software model? The software market has shifted from an ownership to a rental model, freeing businesses from the hassle and expense of software purchasing, deployment, maintenance, and tough new PCI security standards.

With the Web, you can cut costs because you only pay to use the software instead of purchasing it. These costs include robust server configurations designed to handle substantial volumes, and comply with the latest PCI security standards.

For those companies looking for a rapidly scalable solution, or bringing a new brand to market, SaaS solutions are ideal, typically taking only 2- 6 weeks for a complete mobilization, including a functional review, business process review, partner integration, campaign and offer setup, implementation, training and testing.